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Thursday, May 29, 2003
She is staggering

I stink at this best friend gig.

Monday, May 26, 2003
I'm in this vertigo (and John is a very annoying form of spell-check)

I had a dream last night that I could fly wherever I wanted without ever getting tired, and I went to France and ate pastries until I was too heavy to fly anymore. I think there's some serious symbolism, there.

Mountains so grand

I really cannot wait to go back to Caroline Furnace. I think no matter where I go, no matter how beautiful the world may look to me, my heart's always going to be in Virginia. Not just 'cause this is the only place I've ever lived, but because I really love it here. The mountains, the fields, the lakes, racing duckies across the river, downtown Fredericksburg and historical Richmond, the history and the modern-day events. It's just too beautiful to not be in love with.

Parents just don't understand

Last night my mom made a comment that just really really reeeeeeeally pissed me off. Now, I know I'm not her favorite... I'm stubborn, independant, and hard-headed, which doesn't make for a good apple-polishing lackey like my sister. But I have my strong points, too. I do get things done, and I do them to the best of my ability, and it's always been my policy that, if I am able, I should do everything I can to help another person. So why am I always the one being treated like I never do anything, that my sister's always reliable, and that if anything is left up to me it'll never get done? No matter what I do, it's not enough for her, sometimes I wonder why I should even bother.

Sunday, May 25, 2003
Wait, there's a whole CITY called Hershey? It must be made of chocolate!

Sorry about the delay in posts. I blame society.
So, here was my weekend: Friday night, I went over to Karcher's and watched some movies with Connell, Karcher, Karcher 2, and some other friends of theirs. All in all, I fun night, especially the shock of Connell's hair... or, rather, lack thereof. The night was basically a fun occassion of dick and fart jokes courtesy of Kevin Smith, until...

*suspenseful silence*

Sara popped a tire on my driveway. Again. So, it took us a good 45 minutes to get that changed, in the dark. By the time we were done it was about 1 AM, so I crawled into bed and talked with my penguin for a while and fell asleep... to be woken up again at 7, so I could go to a dance rehearsal for four hours. I ended up being the only one from my class to show up... and of course, I was tired, and miserable, and I did really badly. It was sad. I felt bad for myself for looking like an idiot, though I did meet some other dancers who go to the same studio who were really fun.
Later on in the day Sara and I went out for chocolate and Maggie Moo's (anyone who lives in Fredericksburg should know this place. If you don't, find out.), and I was in much higher spirits... then my mother informed me that my great-grandmother's birthday party was Sunday (today) and that I had to go. Now, gentle reader, bear a few things in mind: My great-grandmother lives in PA, a good 3 and a half hours from here; we were only actually staying there for a couple hours; I only know maybe five members of my dad's family, and they're all over the age of 50. However, I did have a decent time there, my great-grandma's awesome, and her brother took me for a ride in his absolutely gorgeous '31 Ford.
The car ride there and back was kind of a nice time. Not fun or entertaining by any means, just nice. The Pennsylvania country side almost makes the drive worth it. Though it made me very curious as to the cow-to-human ratio... they were everywhere. And also, the entire state smells like German sausage. I kinda liked that.
Remember road trips when you were a kid? I was always the type to love car trips. I played all the car trip games, every variation of the alphabet game, the license plate game, the sign game, woodies, punch-buggy, who can hold their breath the whole time they're under a tunnel or on a bridge, and when it was raining I'd watch the wind-shield whipers and try to match up the rhythm of the blades with the beat of whatever song was on the radio for two or more measures, and it never worked but I tried anyway. And of course I sang along with anything that was playing, and my daddy would always turn the radio down so he could hear me and give me advice on technique while my brothers just tried to get me to shut up. Yeah... car trips were the best when I was still too small to see over the edge of the window.

People go by like a flame...

I have a very hard time listening to Waterdeep or Don Chaffer solo without feeling like I was just beaten with an awe stick. Some people, you can just tell, they write music because they have to. There's just a cheapness to them, like eating ramen noodles when you could be eating linguine with clams. But when you listen to someone who's bankrupt, who had to fire his own band just to pay the bills, and who's still cranking out albums using second-hand and borrowed instruments in a home studio... you know he's doing it for no reason other than that it's his passion. I don't care if you don't agree with his beliefs or idealogy... you've gotta respect his resilience.

I have hoped for something new and simple, virgin
I have stitched together people like a surgeon
Hoping like a madman. You are so innocent
Innocent but dying, Tracy James

Ambulances and their bleeding sirens
Books and all their stale pages
Smiles, but they're vain
We're all dying, Tracy James

I am seized now by how every soul dies stately
I am taken by the afterlife then lately
Taken like a captive by a truth that will not let me go
We must live forever, Tracy James

And now for something completely different

There's this patch of good ol' Virginia clay in our front yard that always gets really soft and sticky whenever it rains, if I walk barefoot while it's still wet it makes my feet very happy.



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