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Thursday, June 12, 2003
There's no such thing as an innocent kiss
Confusion, party of one

Ugh. There's so much crap floating around my head that no one knows about. That I hardly know about. And I don't know what to say. I've never felt the need to explain myself to anyone... I am what I am and that's all that I am, to quote the famous Popeye (of course, he also apparently hates the Japanese, but I'll save that for another post.)

I know I'm young and foolish and entering an age of exploration of myself and my surroundings, a time to find out who I am and what the world is and what it all means to me. And I know that there's people who will stick by me, no matter what. At least, I think I do. But even being alone isn't a scary thought to me. It's the thought of being with the wrong people in the wrong time and place.

Sometimes things are so clear I feel like I'm looking through a bottle of "Evian". Sometimes it's so murky, it's more like "┬┐Agua?". And there's people I love so much who I never ever want to let down. I'll let myself down before that happens. 'Cause no matter what, nothing is as important as the people who matter most to me, not even myself. I wish that I could just talk about everything, but it's nothing but cocktail conversation and I want to look like everything's perfect, or at least fantastic, 'cause isn't that the most anyone can hope for?

And please, no questions. This is the most I want to say about it. I need to slay my own demons. I need to shine the light on my own monsters. And it's probably just the late hour (2.15 AM, for those who still can't figure out the time on my blog), or early if you're a Time Nazi. And it's probably just because of the movie I just watched, and the fact that my hormones are going insane, and the fact that it's a billion degrees in here and my brains are fried. And I'll probably read this in the morning (okay... afternoon) and wonder what the hell I was thinking when I wrote that. But it's what I'm thinking about right now, so it should be said, 'cause isn't that what having a weblog is about? Putting your thoughts into text for random whoevers to read and pretend that they know exactly how you feel and what you're going through?

Hi, Random Whoever. I sincerely hope your life is good, uncomplicated, fulfilled, and complete, so that when you die, tomorrow or next year or in a decade, you won't feel like any word was left unsaid and no deed left undone.
Wait, scratch that. If your life is perfect, please never talk to me, because you are boring. Thank you. Please leave now.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003
People have way too much time on their hands...

I love finding random crap online. I just found this rant on Jump, Little Children:

jump, little children
jump, little children is a rock band
jump, little children is a small venue
jump, little children is an incredible band with so much talent it should be illegal
jump, little children is a great mix of experimental pop
jump, little children is a romp through the field of musical genres
jump, little children is a rare case; you either love them or you don't know about them
jump, little children is a band that
jump, little children is a blissfully eclectic quintet that has built a well
jump, little children is an eclectic band with major league talent
jump, little children is definitely one of my favorite bands
jump, little children is a fabulous band and they really need your support
jump, little children is a band from south carolina who we've seen in concert
jump, little children is quite possibly the most talented yet under appreciated band in the southeastern indie scene
jump, little children is
jump, little children is as indescribably fulfilling as the fun times at their stage show
jump, little children is the name of a group of five musicians who currently call charleston
jump, little children is important to understanding how i feel
jump, little children is comprised of five members
jump, little children is a band
jump, little children is currently one of the hottest bands going in local club venues across the east and south
jump, little children is bringing its eclectic brand of celtic
jump, little children is just that vital to my collection
jump, little children is composed of members jay clifford
jump, little children is comprised of jay clifford
jump, little children is a band based in charleston
jump, little children is a band that does not shy away from the challenge of
jump, little children is coming out sept
jump, little children is in it
jump, little children is also coming to sf for the first time
jump, little children is an awesome band
jump, little children is my favorite
jump, little children is playing on the 21st is apparently an open show
jump, little children is good
jump, little children is a band of serious musicians
jump, little children is always a plus
jump, little children is an awesome band that i've seen in concert at least a dozen times
jump, little children is my favorite band and i have a tendency to go to as many shows as possible
jump, little children is making a stop here tonight at young avenue deli
jump, little children is an incredibly talented group frm the dc/arlington area
jump, little children is doing well on alternative adult radio and adult contemporary formats
jump, little children is my favorite band
jump, little children is present or
jump, little children is great
jump, little children is the greatest band in the free world
jump, little children is probably one of the most favorite bands in the ben
jump, little children is impressive
jump, little children is *not* playing the 9
jump, little children is a favorite of mine
jump, little children is a rock band based in charleston
jump, little children is sooooooo awesome.

Aaaah... yay for fanaticism.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003
Though fear and hurt and care can lead me to despair
I saw why I'm here the morning you appeared

Monday, June 09, 2003
And now for your viewing pleasure, I present the same post in Engrish:

As for my mother for always thin I to put even was't my health, me excessively, necessity it is not, the fact that the fact that it makes heavy and is said to me was tried. It is good, I with respect to appearance am thin excessively because of the 4'10, "the chick. And I me stacked to God with the spoon, being unpleasant, how there is a girl it is thin, if me if gonna him/it does not cut her center, you must inquire about that already one people express whether or not, you swear. But us is desired some this foolish double standard which it has the fact that what I really say is found, is. When the girl becomes, is thin and all her lives is restricted to be thin, the woman is largely, it loses weight, then you think in the girl it is thin her the anorexic or diet common practice person or that kind of disordered who who is eaten, thing lives the people whom, she and to force therefore then everyone thinks dissaplined thing. And I me am attached the time occasionally me concerning my weight, that, ' cause of insanity of the girl it is large, just a little, me it is thin, the right which is the easy pan coming my because of life you know that it drives? Right?
Obtaining obtaining. Of course. Because the scale me to be lower than most that of the equal person from number gushing, life covering by me of the platter of the silver, make being able is the fair thing which goes. And charm there will continue to be the girl it is thin you hear how concerning it is, never as for me whether you do not obtain the fact that it designates that troublesome glance is obtained from the girl the dressing room is large as the air I story of the person thing under any condition as the air you do not have to designate. And I us think of that thing that it is the society which tries the fact that the unfairness unfairness which is done vis-a-vis the people of in the past getting fat too much cancels is large. And as for the me in order for I what to be approximately dissatisfaction and to be able possess being foolish, having made happen with small thing, if the screaming which is not type of person who enjoys the fact that it can it is possible to start scattering, the woman it is pressed in the world how concerning, -- after all, the I what am my approximately dissatisfaction, when you think that we would like to possess, it is the woman. Actually in addition even as for excessively bad me where it goes with the roll it was black or, the Judean person, then was possible. But double standard it inhales my point, it is.

Sunday, June 08, 2003
What's your weight range?

My mom always tried to tell me I was't too skinny, I'm healthy, I don't need to put on weight. Well, apparently I'm too skinny even for a 4'10" chick. And I swear to God if I have to hear another person talk about how stuck-up and obnoxious skinny girls are, I'm gonna have to cut his or her heart out with a spoon. But what I'd really like to understand is this stupid double-standard we have. If a girl is skinny and stays skinny all her life, then people think she's anorexic or a diet-addict or someone with some such eating disorder, but if a woman was large, and loses the weight and becomes a skinny girl, then everyone thinks she's so dissaplined and strong. And I know sometimes I obsess about my weight, and that it drives large girls crazy when I do, 'cause, hey, I'm skinny, life should be easy for me, right?
Yeah. Sure. Because the scale spouts out a number lower than that of most of my peers, life is just going to get handed to me on a silver platter. And never mind that I get to listen to guys talk about how unattractive thin girls are, and never mind that I get nasty looks from large girls in dressing rooms. And I think it's great that we're a society trying to un-do the injustices done against overweight people in the past. And I'm not the type of person who enjoys getting offended by stupid little things so that I can have something to complain about -- after all, I'm a woman, if I wanted to have something to complain about I could start ranting about how women are oppressed throughout the world. Too bad I'm not also black and Jewish, then I could really go on a roll. But my point is, double-standards suck.
Mostly I just talk to make sound.



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