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Friday, June 20, 2003
A men, sista!

Shamelessly mooched from Vicki, who is an absolute sweet heart:

We can’t call it
That we bleed
From the very place
That stems creation
It’s like life
And all things are like life
Because everything plays
From the same playbook
The same rules
And so we see
Bridal burnings
And sexual suppression
Stemming from
Many major
Experiences of meekness
And we’ve learned how to express an ocean
In water that drips
Slowly and softly
On soft sweet toes
And we bombard
With graceful
Tiptoed steps
Beneath burka
We scream
Like the war that brewed
Inside our heads
Scorch figures
With downcast eyes
And yes,
The revolution
Sound like a whisper
Finding our roots
In root words
And this is what the suffering for
Reasons for
Sister’s sex
Crystallizing into
Glass ceilings
How else are
We to learn
How to bare the responsibility
Of being god
Of creation
And its something
To keep in mind
That every world leader
And stock broker
Has a mother
Even Alan green span
Has a mother
It is in our quite ways
That we control the world
So forgive us, please
Forgive us if we
Like to be viewed
As an enigma
For you see,
The power we
Is in the fact
That men
Get it

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

"...Rembrandt is painting automobiles, Shakespeare writes 300 hundred page technical manuals and Micheangelo is in the corner, designing a more effecient hotel lobby..."
America to the rest of the world: We ain't wrong, we ain't sorry, and it's probably gonna happen again

(Mooched from Leaning to the Right)

"Well, let’s just give up and plead guilty. Yes, we Americans really do intend that eventually the entire world will be governed under the same kind of system we live under.

You know, the terrible system in which people can say what they think, vote for whatever candidate seems least obnoxious to them, choose their professions freely, marry whom they want, travel wherever they please, buy whatever they can afford (or get someone else to finance), watch TV and read books without anyone forbidding them, and change religions whenever they want and freely offer their religion to others who might also want to change.

Aren’t we awful?

Well, yes. We’re the nightmare of the ideologues who think every other person should be forced to live by the precepts of their religion whether he believes in it or not.

We’re the cruel oppressors of individuals whose lifelong ambition is to be an oppressor.

We’re the vicious thieves who rob those who want to rob a nation, and give back what they’ve stolen to the legitimately elected government of the people.

We’re the brainwashers who want to force everyone to believe whatever they want by letting them learn and study anything that strikes their fancy.

We’re the tormentor of the tormentors.

We really do believe, just as the Islamicists and the communists do, that the fundamental principles of our system will bring the best chance of happiness to the greatest number of people.

All three systems – democracy, Islamicism and communism – depend on the belief that human beings are pretty much the same everywhere, so what’s right for one nation will probably be about right for others, with only slight adaptations.

The difference is, we’re right and they’re wrong and history has already proven it."


Monday, June 16, 2003
We're going nowhere... and we're getting there fast - beggers of note:

"25 year old VIRGIN, raising money for hooker"

"i want to be a millionaire"

"Just a young lil girl wanting bigger breasts =) who needs a LiL help paying for them"

"need bOOb REDUCTION-or Chiropractor-help it hurts ;-(" (Hey, those two chicks should get together and work something out)

"To be quite honest, I have always wanted to build a race car. I have the skills required to do so but have never had the cash. Send $ if you desire, even if it's only a buck! :)"

">>Help Sexy Lil Thang Buy Some Boobies!!!<<"

"I have recently been diagnosed with RLOMA (Rather lay on my ass) Disorder, donations "

"I Need BEER money.......Please help"

And my personal favorite, "money needed to get deploma" (S/he spells it that way something like four times in the description. Maybe s/he's talking about a GED?)

Dressed up like a million-dollar trooper...

John, if you really wanna get hitched, it has to be in this.



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