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Friday, October 10, 2003
"Who's afraid to say the 'n' word?" - Penguin

CAUTION: Post contains extreme language and impenitrable logic.

Now, everyone who knows me know I'm not a racist. I have absolutely nothing against anyone who works hard to achieve their goals and thinks for themselves, be they white, black, yellow, biracial, or three-headed hermaphrodites. I honestly could not care less about skin color or "genetic differences".

That having been said I think this is absolutely ludicrous. It seems like these kids worked hard on this play for almost a month and a half, only to be told that they couldn't perform because it uses a word which brings the story into its time frame.

"Don't we have some positive things going on with black people that we can highlight now? Find those plays and use them," she said

Doesn't this highlight what went on with black people in the 30s? Isn't that what these tree-hugging Liberal Nazis are always harping on about anyway? The stiffling oppression blacks had to endure, which makes them SO MUCH different from whites, even though we're all essentially the same?

When will people realise that we'll never be a color-blind society as long as we continue to treat people of color differently from white people? How is saying one word is "off-limits" for one "group" of people is okay, but not for another, isn't racist? You know who gets the most offended by the so-called "n" word? White people! Black people call each other that all the time, but if they say it around a cracker, we blush!

And that's another issue. Why is it okay to call white people "honkey" or "cracker", but "the n-word" gets "CENSOR" written all over it? Is it only okay to offend white people? Or just straight, white, Christian males? Oh what a wonderful and open-minded society we live in... so enlightened...

For that matter, this woman has nothing to worry about when it comes to highschoolers thinking it's okay to repeat words just because they hear it in a play. If they've been in the public school system all their lives, chances are they already know that using "that word" is just as evil as clubbing a baby norwal with a slab of frozen veal, or thinking that a woman should stay home and raise the kids that she took the trouble of giving birth to, 'cause ya know where that leads... ACTUAL TRADITIONAL HOME STRUCTURES! Oh my word, we'll have women staying home with their kids, children growing up with morals, and gibbering masses will scream for more chocolate Ovaltine! The chaos!

Seriously. These people need Rod-Removal surgery, and lucky for them, Mother Nature already made the incision.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003
I will terminate taxes

YAAAAAAAAY, AAAAAAAAhnold won CA! Which I know has very little impact on my personal life but it makes me happy anyway. Now if only newspapers would stop calling him a "moderate Republican", as though that's SO much better than being a full-blown Republican. Which reminds me, everyone should go out and read Slander by Ann Coulter. No, seriously. Everyone. That means you, mister / ma'am.



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