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Thursday, November 06, 2003

Wednesday, November 05, 2003
"This is why this so-called "Peace movement", they cannot even justify their own name"

As some of you know, I spent the last couple of weeks in NC, keeping my sister-in-law company. You see, my eldest brother is in "military intelligence" (a contradiction in terms to all who are familiar with the Army), and was called into Tikrit on very short notice, and his wife didn't want to be home alone.

When Steven went to Iraq, I understood what that meant, but I just "had a feeling" that he'd be safe. Some Army wives know what I'm talking about. But with David leaving and me spending two weeks in a very highly concentrated area of military families and friends, and getting an ever-clearer idea of what them being over there really means, I'm scared. I stand to lose a lot, all thanks to Saddam and his hatred for me, because of my country.

So you learn to justify everything our men are doing over there. You learn to tell yourself without even thinking about it, "They're there because we need them to be. They're there because they want to serve their country, and help the Iraqi people. They're there, they will come home, and they need to know that we're rooting for them over here." But to do that you need to justify the war -- whoops, I'm sorry, "combat situation", to begin with. This radio clip, sent to me by my Penguin, says it all:

Man, with very thick middle-Eastern accent: How, exactly, will leaving Saddam in power promote peace and justice in Iraq?
Peace-mongering hippie Woman: (Long pause) Um, again, what I need to say is that regime change is an issue for the Iraqi people. How will bombing Iraq promote peace and justice?
Man:I will explain it to you if you will stop playing the ping-pong with my question --
W:How will bombing thousands of people and killing thousands of people--
Radio host: Okay, let him explain. Muhammed, explain how bumbing won't work.
M: Since you are choosing to play ping-pong, and not answer my question, little girl, I will answer yours. There will be civillian deaths in the war. Saddam has killed two million people. There are families in this country who lost 20 or 30 people in one day in a GAS ATTACK by Saddam Hussein, little girl. And I will tell you this: Yes, civillians will die, my cousins will die. Maybe. Allah forbid. But here is a certainty that you do not understand in your simplistic nickleodian diplomacy: Is that you are garaunteed to have civilians die under Saddam. So now you try again to answer my question without playing the ping-pong: How will leaving Saddam in power promote peace and justice in Iraq?
W: (pause) I mean, I guess what people who folks who listen to this show, or who're calling in are saying is that--
M: I am not interested in what folks listening to this show are saying! Can you answer my question, little girl?
W: (laughs)
M: Oh, now you laugh at people dying. You are unable to answer my question, you are a joke.
W: No, what I'm laughing at is that it seems like you need to... um... to personally attack me to make a point. So what I want to say--
R: Okay, okay, Muhammed, let me pose it this way: Andrea, I have the feeling that if you just answer his question, he'll be happy.
W: (laughs)
R: By the way, I'm not baited by the laughter...
M: Y'know, that laughter in the background--
W: Y'know, what I believe is that, bombing and killing people is wrong, and that--
M: You cannot answer the question! You are a joke!
W: What I also believe, is that there are other alternatives. If we can persue peace and justice--
M: You are a joke. I will give you one more try and then I never listen to another word you say, you chirping bird.
W: Okay, and I also think that--
R: How-- how will leaving Saddam in power promote peace and justice in Iraq, Andrea? That's his question, it's really simple, Andrea.
W: And what I'm-- (laugh)
R: You're not answer-- (laugh)
M: Listen to the laughter of this chirping bird! Who can't justify herself!
R: Why is this so hard, Andrea?
W: Y'know, I don't think that calling someone a "little bird" is gonna help address the very serious questions that millions of people are concerned about.
M: You don't address the serious questions!
W: Millions of people are worried about the concequences of a war, okay?
M: No, I am not okay with you not answering the question.
W: Bombing and killing millions of people, and millions of people are worried about increasing security for the people in the United States, and--
R: Sure, sure. We're retreading the same territory, Andrea. But you're not answering his question.
W: (laugh)
R: Andrea, you can continue to gail in laughter, but you have to admit you're not answering his question. It's a simple question.
W: I'm laughing at him calling me a little girl.
R: Well you come off sounding like my 9 year-old neice.
W: It seems like the only focus we can have here, is Saddam Hussein. And the fact is that Iraq--
M: That is the purpose of this war! Do you not understand one thing about anything? That is the focus of this war!
R: Curiously, Andrea, you're still not answering his question. You're talking to a guy from Iraq, and you're telling him that peace and justice will somehow remove the guy who was the reason he had to immigrate here. Is that what you're saying?
W: What I'm saying is that--
M: Now she repeats herself.
W: We can persue peace and justice for the Iraqi people, through international law, through diplomacy--
M: International law has failed us, Andrea!
W: Through pressure, through various, em, initiatives... if we can persue them in North Korea, if we can persue them in Israel and Palestine (Ed. note: Yeah, we're sure doing a great job with that one), and all over the world, we can persue them in Iraq.
M: Can I say one more thing before I must go?
W: And I also...
R: Andrea, Andrea, Muhammed has to go, he's a caller, you've been on for the better part of an hour. Go ahead, Muhammed.
M: I would like to say one more thing, Brian. If you personally end up going to the Gulf, Allah will bless you, because Saddam is scum, and everybody knows this. And for the listeners who hear this, girl, and she thinks I insult her with the term, I do not insult her. Being a little girl is natural. We all start out children, and we learn and grow. But she has no place lecturing me on what will happen in Iraq, or lecturing you. This is why this so-called Peace Movement, they cannot even justify their own name. And I will remind you: If they leave Saddam in power, they gaurantee death. If they remove him, there will be some, but for a short time, and the Iraqi people are ready, and they will welcome the Americans, including if, Allah forbid, Brian Suites goes. So Andrea, do not take it as being an insult as being a little girl, you are simply not ready for the adult world. Thank you, Brian.
R: Thank you, Muhammed. Andrea, what he's refering to is that tomorrow night is my final night here on KBI. I'm being called up by the Army National Gaurd. I was in the first Desert Storm, I pray to God I'm not in a second one. I just wonder, as they say, in ten years, people shake my hand and thank me for their freedom, or will they shake yours? Neither one of us knows.



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