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Friday, January 02, 2004
These are not polite suggestions!

It was very strongly advised to me by a young man who opperates Bradley fighting vehicles that I provide a link to his website and kindly ask my loyal viewers to procede thereto. Not being one to argue with a man in uniform (or a man who has heavy artillery at his disposal), I think I can oblige him this one thing:

Actually, that's my brother, Steve's, site. It's a nice insight into what our guys are thinking, doing and feeling over there. Plus there's the fact that both of my brothers rule, and Steve's much more eloquent and easy-going than myself. So check that out. (Permalink provided to the left, under "Blogs of Interest"). Leave him some lovin' while you're at it.

Thursday, January 01, 2004
"Are you sad?" - drunken dirty old man

Well, after getting hit on by disgusting middle-aged men drinking with both hands, listening to bad folk music (as if there's any other kind), and watching magicians get pelted with apples, I can honestly say that this year has started like no other in my own personal history.

Happy New Year, everyone. May this truly be a time of renewal and fresh beginnings.

Wednesday, December 31, 2003
I woke up from a strange rain, and it was dreaming outside

So last night I had a very interesting dream. Well, not so much interesting as egotistical. I dreamt that I was a famous author who wrote this wildly popular political book, top seller on the blah blah blah list, and I was doing an interview with some snot-nosed intern who obviously wished that I impale myself on a Starbucks crappuccino. So anyway, I said a bunch of rediculously clever and insightful things to her but my favorite (well, the only one I remember, anyway) was in response to some question she'd asked about my chapter on welfare and affirmative action: "I grew up in a family which was financially secure, but I still learned the value of a dollar. Nothing was just handed to me but I was never in need of anything. I understand that some peoples' lives are more complicated than that, but everyone has choices to make; the choice to get an education, the choice to get a job, the choice to plan ahead, or the choice not to. If you make the choice not to, then it's your responsibility and no one else's to live with the consequences of those actions, regardless of background or upbringing. Someone brought up in the so-called ghetto is still smart enough to see that the life of drugs and gangs is a dangerous one, and if they choose that life for themselves, then so be it. The government is helping no one by supporting an inheritly dangerous lifestyle. Maybe that sounds unfair, but as my mother told me, and I'm sure yours told you, life isn't fair. The only fair thing about living is the ability to make our own choices and to live with the consequences of them, be they good or bad."

I am so clever in my sleep.



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