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Sunday, January 04, 2004
Goin' to the chapel...

Am I the only one who's tired of Britney Spears' little publicity stunts-- and the fact that everyone just goes NUTS over every little thing she does?

Now, I'm well aware that celebrities aren't well-known for their intelligence, common sense, or ability to realise that they're still just American citizens with jobs that offer them the opportunity to flash a little smile, do a little dance, wear next to nothing, and get paid millions whether they have talent or not. But isn't this a bit far? Marrying someone who, for all we really know, could very well be a perfect stranger, mere months after her little make-out session with Madonna (the reigning Queen of Shock)? "'I don't even know if she loves him,' says a source." Well gee, hmmm, yeah, 'cause she's so well-known for her relationship skills, and not the fact that she dresses like a slut for 8 year-old boys.

But probably the worst part of it is her infamous quote, that she doesn't think parents should worry about little girls looking up to her as a role model (This was in the same interview in which we get a slightly less-known, but even funnier Spearsism: Spears: "I'm very spiritual. I'm involved in many of the Eastern religions." Interviewer: "Oh, are you into Hinduism?" Spears: "Hinduism? I've never heard of that... is that like Kabalah?"). Now, I don't know about you... but if my little girl looked up to her as a role model, I'd send her to an Irish convent. It's one thing to dress like a whore, it's another to act like it -- and then act like it's not only okay, but should be applauded because, oh, look at her, she's an "empowered woman."

And people wonder why the term "white trash" is still in use.

P.S. From now on, I'm thinking Organic Spam will be my political blog, and my shiny new Xanga account will be my entertainment-type blog. Which is why this post will appear on both. Now you may wonder why I want two... well, it's partially because Xanga allows pictures and has more little shiny buttons, Blogger is more straight-forward, no frills and ricketa-racketa. It's also because I realise that not everyone gives a flip about what an 18 year-old woman has to say on terrorism and affirmative action and the welfare state. But mostly it's because it's easier to keep in touch with my brother through Xanga. Sorry guys, but he's more important than where my Binary hat hangs. However the link to my Xanga account will be conveniently located to the left, on the very top o' the heap so you're sure to see it.

P.P.S. Sorry for any confusion this may cause. For all I know I may just continue on with my Blogger, 'cause, well... I love it. It's like a child to me. So we'll see. Just keep track of both.



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