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Wednesday, January 14, 2004
I mean, whatever fu--ing happened to separation of church and state?

Ya gotta love it when people actually believe in that. When people start spouting off about "seperation of church and state", you know you've struck gold.

What really amazes me is how a bunch of celebrities think that they know more about politics than the actual polititions. 'Cause they can't seriously think that; these peoples' lives revolve around the issues Babs and Margie bash on a regular basis. Now here's the interesting thing. Most middle-class Americans are either Republican or Independant, yet most members of Holywood's elite, the multi-million dollar smut peddlers, are Democrat. Can we really trust that they're championing our best interests and not their own, especially considering their blind trust in the Gospel of The Communist News Network?

The few Republicans in the media (Ahnold, Kelsey Grammar, Patricia Heaton) are treated as outcasts, unless they're a member of the begrudgedly acceptable "moderate" fold (I'm thinking specifically of Ahnold, here, although even he routinely catches hell). Now, once again I remind my readers, I'm not a Republican. I'm a small-government Libertarian. However, in the past Republicans have been the party of lower taxes accross the board, including for the rich. So why do liberals hate them?

Frankly, it's all about the purse strings. It's all about societal position.

Even socialists need a slave class.

Think about it.



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