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Tuesday, January 27, 2004
I'm sorry, am I missing something?

Those who know me know that the thing I hate, more than anything, from the left, is their fetish for using death counts in their own agenda of hatred against Bush. I don't like Bush, but the numbers I point to are dollars and cents. Why? Money doesn't talk, think, feel, it can't be killed by terrorists, and it doesn't have family. It doesn't have political opinions and it doesn't vote. Money, in a very basic sense, doesn't care about the war. Soldiers, however, do. And the more I talk to people who like to point to the deaths of American soldiers as excuses to oppose the war, the angrier I get. How many of them actually KNOW a soldier? How many soldiers still vote something other than Democrat? How do they know that the fallen soldiers weren't proud to sacrifice for their country, or for the Iraqi people? Plus, even AFTER the end of the war, there have been fewer casualties, comparitively, than in the past.

You can be against the war, and burn the flag (but only in the name of the first ammendment!), and prance around proclaiming that you support the soldiers but not the politicians. Fine. As Neal Boortz says, "In America, you have the right to speech that makes you look like an idiot." Just don't exploit dead soldiers just because you're good little media sheeple.
Bush spending like a Democrat? (Taken from Neal Boortz)

See, this is what annoys be about a largely 2-party system; in this race for the presidency, I have a feeling people aren't going to vote for who they like the most, but rather, who they DISLIKE the least. Which is why I do plan to vote for Bush -- the only Dems running are complete LOONS-- and not just Dean, either.

Frankly, with all that Bush has done with stupid spending (I'll be the first to admit, he's not blameless), he's at least got one idea right: The wealthy in America pay far too much in taxes. When people harp on about how Bush's tax cuts only help the rich, they fail to realise that the wealthiest 50% pay 96.03% of income taxes. If anyone needs a tax cut it's the wealthy. And economist after statistician after businessman after even more economists will tell you, the majority of wealthy individuals in America didn't inherit or win it -- and those who did tend to lose it quickly thereafter. It's only through hard work and detirmination that these people have what they do, so why SHOULDN'T they get a break?



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