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Saturday, April 17, 2004
"Sharyn, your blog is getting too political. You should do something fun!"

Yes, sir.

Friday, April 16, 2004
Never ever ever believe that Kerry's a good man for no reason other than he was awarded three Purple Hearts

Finally, someone's calling him into question. The American sheeple are being lead to believe that Kerry is a great man, and a war hero (and, in some cases, a great man BECAUSE he's a war hero, which is not only deceitful but is absolutely offensive to all who wear a uniform), and no one's batted an eye - after all, he's got the medals to prove it! And there have been those in uniform who've said, "You can't fake your way into a Purple Heart." I, personally, am more of the opinion that the military is comprised of people, and people are fallible and easily lead astray. Do I think there were, and are, loopholes in military capability? Absolutely. There isn't a doubt in my mind that it's possible for Kerry to be lying by omission about the medals he obtained. He's lied about so many other things, it would be a drop in the bucket.

Some would say that Kerry's actions following doing his duty in Nam were brave - applaudable, even. Others say he was just another soldier-turned-hippy protester. I say he was, and is, a liar and a coward. And in fact, there is very strong evidence suggesting that not only did Kerry lie under oath about his experiences in Nam, but that some of the men who testified with him didn't even serve in Nam, and some of them weren't even in the US military. And evidence also suggests that Kerry knew that. There are soldiers today who served with him who say his "acts of bravery" were merely attempts to reverse the damage he himself caused. But Bush's military service is what's called into question. Kerry was, undoubtedly, beyond the shadow of a doubt, a war hero. I tell you right now, whether he earned those medals or not, when he disgraced that title by throwing them on the steps of the Capitol building, he spat on the blood of every man who proudly served his country.

Kerry's real medal of acheivement would be if he gets away with the lies he's told.

"Thanks to Kerry in his Hanoi Jane period, Vietnam was a disaster for America that gave the establishment a wholly irrational fear of almost every ramshackle Third World basket case on the planet."
Mark Steyn

Viv l'Italia!

Now, Spain, I want you to take out your workbooks and number-two pencils. Make sure they're really sharp, I don't want you to miss anything. Now, are you ready?

I want you to take a look at Italy, and compare yourself to them. You have five minutes to find the differences. Go!

No, really. Five minutes. I'll wait.

Did you get it? No, it's not that they're shaped like a boot and you're shaped like an upside-down heart. No, it's not that they're more attractive than you, although they are (at least, that is, until their men wear Speedos. Then they're just scary.) And, no, it's not that their food is better than yours.

Give up? They've got a spine. Their flag has little chance of changing to a white cross on a white background. They recognise what the Frenchies have been twiddling their eyes and humming and hawing over for the past year: YOU CANNOT REASON WITH TERROR. Period. Let this be an example to you. I mean, c'mon... you don't want us to make fun of you like we do the French, do you?

Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Nealz Nuze

Almost everything from Boortz is essencial weapons for political debate, but this really takes the cake. Take some notice, take some notes


For 30 years the misery index has been described as the sum total of the unemployment rate and inflation rate. Both political parties have agreed on this index for decades. Well ... John Kerry has a bit of a problem with the traditional misery index. Using the 30-year-old measurement standards the misery index is lower under President Bush than it was under Bill Clinton and George Bush 41. Well, you can't very well make people feel miserable using a misery index that shows them anything but miserable, can you now? The Kerry solution? Create a new misery index ... one specifically designed to convince otherwise happy Americans that no matter how blue the skies, they're really living in a state of complete and total despair.

So ... John Kerry sends his myrmidons out to find some economic statistics that he could use to prove to people that they really are miserable. Here are the ones they came up with:

Median family income
College tuition
Health premiums
Gasoline prices
Home ownership
Job growth
Personal bankruptcies
Now ... just how does Kerry's misery index measure up to the one we've been using for 30 years? The inflation rate is left out. Why? Because it's low, that's why. Ditto for the unemployment rate. That's low also, so it had to be left out of sKerry's "you're far more miserable than you think you are" index.

Let's take a look at some of the elements sKerry does use.

Median family income. Why not use family net wealth? The true measure of how a family is doing economically is how wealthy they are, not how much they earn. You can have $3 million in your checking account and a $3 million dollar paid-for home, and not work. Your family income would be low .. but are you miserable? I don't think so.

College tuition. Most American families aren't paying any college tuition. What kind of a measurement is this?

Health Premiums. What does this figure mean to families who have health insurance as a job benefit?

Gasoline prices. Adjusted for inflation, they were higher in the early 1980's.

Home Ownership. The highest in history.

Job Growth This doesn't matter to someone who already has a job. Besides .. jobs are being created right and left right now.

Personal Bankruptcies. A bankruptcy doesn't make me miserable unless the person declaring bankruptcy owes me money.

This moronic index ignores economic growth and inflation ... things that affect everyone! The big question here is how in the world can the mainstream American media pay any attention to this BS without laughing itself into unconsciousness? The answer, of course, is that most of the people who are reporting on Kerry's ridiculous index are people who want to see Kerry win in November.

The real lesson to be learned here is that Kerry is campaigning on misery. His election hinges on whether or not he can convince voters that they are really not quite so happy and comfortable as they think they are.

Why don't we all create indexes! Here's one! How about the "Morality Index?" We can apply the morality index to presidents. Here are the items that would be included in the index.

Number of women raped.
Number of women groped
Number of affairs with interns
Number of affairs with night club singers
Lies told while under oath
Promises not kept
Somehow I think the present president might score a bit better on this one that some previous presidents I can think of, but I really don't want to name any names.

Monday, April 12, 2004
Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!

Grrr. I'm getting quite fed up with Blogger. Maybe I should just shift everything over to my Xanga blog?

I finally got my blog to show up right (instead of the itty-bitty skinny little column it was for a while there) and now it's giving me grief with publishing. I'm sorry for neglecting you guys... it's not you, it's me, really! I might break down and just get a paid subscription so I can have more publishing options (but I know I'm not going to, because I'm cheap). But until I get all this squared away (should only take a short while), just bear with me... you're not gonna leave me for Dean, are you?



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