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Friday, June 18, 2004
Sparkly, very sparkly, looks like a holiday

Well, my Spammers, more is what I promised, and more is what I am prepared to deliver. The only question is, where to begin?

Those of you who are loyal Neal Boortz listeners will know that last Saturday was celebrated an event known as Boortzapalooza. You will also know that this event was held in Atlanta, Georgia - a good ten hours from where I live. Ya think that stopped me from going? No way! Not for an intrepid adventurer like myself!... especially when my mother is paying for gas. $1.89 a gallon, eh John?

So, of course my darling penguin was to come along... after all, it's only because of him I'm a Boortz fan at all. We got to GA with enough time to spend most of the day touring the town before the shindig was to begin, so we walked around a bit, spent some time with my mother's insane friend Angie (she's great, though, I love my mommy's friends), and then went out to dinner.

Of course, we had to find the ritziest little place on Peachtree street, The Pleasant Peasant. Very Euro-French artwork on the walls, candle-lit tables, the works. I knew it would be expensive when we walked into a restaurant in a predominantly black neighborhood... and everyone seated was white. Call it "racial profiling".

So, we had dinner, the waitor had a crush on John and I was feeling sick to my stomach for having not eaten all day. After going to the ladies' room to, erm, maintain my girlish figure (and succumb to the wills of my tempermental tummy), I came back and jokingly asked, "So, when're we gonna get married?"

Anyway, long story short, he proposed right then and there. So honestly, if you're looking for commentary on how Boortzapalooza was... I honestly can't tell you, because I don't remember much of it. I was in a bit of a, how shall we say, girlish glee-induced daze. However, the highlights included a "tribute" to Ronald Reagan (complete with Oliver North's story of Reagan consoling the young son of a fallen soldier), and everyone pitching in to buy Neal a cardboard likeness of Hillary Clinton, with Sean Hannity giving him $1,000 (and Clark Howard $100 - OF HIS OWN MONEY! Really! From his POCKET!) towards Neal's favorite charity - if he kissed Hillary for 20 seconds. Yes, he did, and yes, it was hillarious. Also, we finally learned who shot Boo, and found out that Neal just may have a future in the country music business... okay, maybe not. On the way out we got to meet, through a very bizzare turn of events, one of John's biggest icons of the conservative talk radio world, and actually get his private line phone number, which was, well, an absolute shock and definitely a great end to the perfect evening.

As for me, I've been basically a homebody lately. I've taken up yoga again. Yes, I know, yoga is only for hippies and yuppies, and the occassional Chinese grandmother. But, I've been told by my doctor to get more low-impact excersize and, well, I like yoga. However, it has borne in me a desire to drink more herbal tea and stop eating meat. Maybe DeeDee can explain that one to me.

Now I know, there's some bad news today. I haven't forgotten about the horrible things happening around the world and specifically, Iraq and her neighbors. But you'll have to be pounded with sorrows somewhere else for a little while, I'm still flying Cloud Nine Airlines. I'll have to bring the sadness back in some other time.

Monday, June 14, 2004

I'm engaged!

More to come!



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