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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Four more years! Woooo!

I'm too excited to go into a political analysis; that'll wait for another day. So what're you waiting for? Go out and celebrate!

Sunday, October 31, 2004
Seperation of Church and Blog

I'm a very secretive and reserved person when it comes to articles of faith; mostly because it's very rare to find anyone who might share my own. I'm a Christian who believes in practicing Jewish tradition and holidays, who abhors all manner of discrimination (especially that in the church), and believes religion should have no part of the pro-life movement. I don't believe that personal faith should influence political movements, and if I had to choose between joining the Christian Coalition or the Gay-Straight Alliance, I'd go with the latter - and it took a visit from a very good friend to understand why.

Christianity today has become so watered-down. There, I said it. And before you object, let me ask you something: If you're reading a blog, or a letter, or looking at a picture or a sign made by a Christian who has Bible verses and "I love Jesus!" all over the place, do you ever stop and think, "That person can't REALLY be that obsessed with religion, and she's probably just doing that for her church friends"? I'll admit it, I do. Looking through blogs from Choose Life, or pictures from Cornerstone, here are all these teenage kids talking about how much they love G-d, and all they want to do is worship Him... and I can't help but think, "They're going to go home, back to their little lives and friends, and forget about this week and how close they felt to Him."

I'm not entirely sure what the cause is. We see the symptoms every day, but we usually just shake our heads at the horrors of "backsliding" and say a little prayer and walk away with our rose-coloured glasses still firmly in place. We say it's any number of things: wrong friends, "secular" music, unholy influence, or a failure of the Church to be a positive influence. But really, I'm not so sure any of this is to blame... or that there actually is blame to be dealt. Let's face it: It's harder to be a Christian today than 50 years ago. Sex is everywhere, and 12 year-old girls are giving it away without a care. Churches are confined to the walls that hold them for fear that their message of hope and redemption may offend those who feel that they have nothing to be redeemed from. Murderers and rapists are spared the needle by those who believe that it will only "prolong the spirit of death" - while those who kill live on the backs of those who have done no wrong. Babies are murdered by the thousands, drugs that used to only make circuits in the club scene are now known by over-worked mothers looking for a little "release", and slowly but surely ALL of these things have crept into the very churches which have preached and outreached against them. Are we really so naive as that? Have we really allowed the darkness to infect the light?

I wish I could just put my cynicism asside for a little while and look at a teenager saying a prayer and think, "Oh isn't that wonderful; he's praying," but I can't. I believe G-d makes us all the way we are for a reason, and maybe cynicism is what He's given me to beware of those who preach out of one side of their mouths and call "Hey, girl, take a walk on the wild side" out of the other. I guess I just wish I didn't have to be leery of them in the house of G-d - no one should have to.



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